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August 9, 2021

McClintock and Amfora Form Strategic Collaboration to Leverage AI to Improve Protein Content of Soy

SAN FRANCISCO, July 11, 2023 -- Artificial intelligence and machine learning innovator McClintock LLC has entered into a collaboration with the biotechnology company Amfora to improve the development of Amfora’s high-yielding, ultra-high protein soybean varieties.

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August 9, 2021

United Soybean Board Awards $1 Million to Amfora to Continue Development of High-Protein Soy

Award reflects effort to maintain U.S. soy farmers’ global market share

SAN FRANCISCO, August 9, 2021 -- The United Soybean Board awarded $1 million to Amfora, Inc., a biotechnology company that is applying gene editing to sustainably feed the planet, to continue the development of soybean varieties with increased protein content. 

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July 21, 2021

Amfora Expands Series B Venture Round with New Investment from BayWa

SAN FRANCISCO, July 21, 2021  -- Amfora, Inc., a biotechnology company that is using gene editing to increase the protein density of soybean and other crops to fuel the plant-based protein revolution, announced an expansion to its Series B round to a total of $7 million with new investment from the global player and stock listed company BayWa AG.

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March 23, 2021

Amfora Raises $6 Million with Investment from Leaps by Bayer and Spruce Capital Partners

SAN FRANCISCO, March 23, 2021 -- Amfora, Inc., a biotechnology company that is using gene editing to increase the protein density of soybean and other crops to fuel the plant-based protein revolution, announced that Leaps by Bayer and Spruce Capital Partners invested $6 million in its Series B financing round.

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April 2, 2019

Amfora Licenses Gene Editing Technology

SAN FRANCISCO, April 02, 2019  -- Today Amfora, a biotechnology company, announced it has reached a non-exclusive research and commercial license agreement with Corteva Agriscience™, the Agriculture Division of DowDuPont™, and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. Through the agreement, Amfora will use intellectual property covering CRISPR-Cas9 and related gene editing tools to develop a portfolio of gene-edited crops with increased protein content. 

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Media  Coverage

Vegconomist logo.jpg

July 13, 2023

Biotech Startup Amfora and AI Company McClintock Partner to Meet Sustainable Plant-Protein Demand With Improved Soy Crops

US biotech startup Amfora and McClintock LLC, an AI startup focused on agriculture, have announced a strategic collaboration to improve the protein content of certain varieties of soy and their crops’ yield. 

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April 4, 2023

CRISPR Crop Development Is Anything but Garden Variety

When you use CRISPR gene editing on crop plants, you can do “some pretty cool things,” says Timothy Kelliher, PhD, head of crop trait and technology discovery at Syngenta Seeds. You can change the structure of chromosomes, add large amounts of genetic material, move genes around, turn genes on and off, and fine-tune gene expression. And yet, Kelliher admits, inefficiency in bringing these cool things to commercial agricultural products is “still a problem.”

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November 1, 2021

The gene-editing revolution in farming and food

When looking for an investment with a demand profile underpinned by inelastic necessity, you can’t get much more necessary than food. As long as the world’s population keeps growing — and the UN Population Division expects the world population, which was at 7.8 billion as of 2020, to swell to 10.9 billion by 2100 — the demand for food will keep growing.

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Global AgInvesting.jpg

April 1, 2021

Biotech Company Amfora Closes on $6M Series B To Enhance Nutritional
Density of Foods

Amfora, a California-based biotechnology company using gene editing to raise the protein density in soybeans and other crops, has closed on a $6 million Series B backed by Leaps by Bayer and Spruce Capital Partners. 

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AFN logo.jpg

March 24, 2021

Amfora gets $6m Series B injection from Bayer, Spruce Capital to increase protein in crops

US foodtech startup Amfora has raised $6 million in Series B funding from San Francisco VC firm Spruce Capital Partners and Leaps by Bayer, the corporate venture arm of German life sciences giant Bayer.

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August 14, 2020

Gene Editing Meets Supermarket Shelves

Many customers want to eat better, and CPG companies are constantly introducing new products to align with every new fad and trend out there, from keto to super carb and everything in between. 

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